New products

K.I.T Charging Cradle

K.I.T Charging Cradle is designed to make charging easy. Simply place the POD onto the cradle, when you hear the click you know its on the right way. With the 1.5 meter cable you can place the cradle at a convenient location.

K.I.T Connectivity Solutions plus 12 months subscription (SaaS)

K.I.T keeps you in touch with the people that matter. With easy to use functions and simple setup, K.I.T uses its own SIM card, allowing connection to a mobile network without the need for a separate mobile phone. This package includes 12 months subscription and all SIM card charges including voice, data and SMS for your device.

K.I.T Lockable Strap Black

Elegant and discrete, the locking buckle looks just like a standard buckle

K.I.T Subscription - Software as a Service

Complete your K.I.T bundle with monthly subscription (SaaS). This is required for K.I.T to function and includes your SIM card and Online Client Console monthly access charges. Ongoing Monthly Subscription cost will be billed to your credit card each month unless advised otherwise.

K.I.T Pink Strap

The soft neutral pink colour is a lighter alternative to the black strap provided with the K.I.T Connectivity solution. Made of the same flexible, low friction material, this strap is available now.

K.I.T Pendant

Versatile adapter that lets you wear the POD as a lanyard or attached with a clip or carabiner. Comes with its own charging cable so that the adapter does not have to be removed for charging.