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iStaySafe is an Australian owned and operated company committed to safety.  iStaySafe acquired Find-me Technologies in October 2019 expanding the company's product portfolio. iStaySafe’s focus has been on the child safety market, with its flagship child safety smartwatch and software TicTocTrack® . The acquisition of Find-me Technologies - a specialist in personal tracking solutions - is a strategic move, bringing together two safety-focused tech companies with complementary products and customer bases.

“This is a very exciting, transformational period for iStaySafe! The synergies created through this acquisition will generate enormous value for our customers. The combination of FMT’s expertise in bespoke GPS hardware and software solutions and iStaySafe’s innovative software platforms, means that customers can look forward to more robust, intelligent and accurate GPS services from both companies; meaning better monitoring and safety than ever for their loved ones — young and older” said Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director, iStaySafe.

iStaySafe is based in Brisbane Australia where we make innovative products that help people keep in touch in a variety of situations. Our products are bespoke, meaning that we manufacture our own product and do not rely on third parties to provide a device that is ‘off the shelf’.

We have been developing our products alongside YOU, our wearer and in doing so we have created products that are fully customisable so that it can be tailored to suit a variety of consumer’s or facility’s needs. Our products enable the wearer to be mobile, unlike ‘home based’ alarms that do not offer coverage outside of your home or facility, iStaySafe is with you wherever you go.

From Aged care to lone worker, the iStaySafe is designed to help you find  Independence for those wearers wanting to the freedom to go outside of their home and remain always in touch in case of an event occurring.

Peace of mind for the loved ones and carers wanting to ensure they are always able to keep in touch with the wearer

Security for employees with lone workers at night or in high risk situations

iStaySafe also believes that when you buy our devices that it should come with everything included and no hidden charges. So, when you purchase the K.I.T Connectivity Solution with 12-month subscription it comes with full access to your Online Client Console which is where all of the features are customised by you. It also includes all of the costs of the SIM card including talk, SMS and data so don’t expect to receive any further bills to pay for SIM charges once you have signed up for 12 months.

The iStaySafe team are also here to assist you with customising your device and help you understand how our connectivity solutions can transition with you as your needs may change. You also have access to all of our on-line resources including manuals and videos once subscribed.

From the iStaySafe team we thank you for your purchase and look forward to hearing how you have customised your experience with the K.I.T Connectivity Solutions. For a detailed look on all of our features go to kit.findmetech.com.au

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