K.I.T Connectivity Solutions

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Providing user friendly connectivity defines our K.I.T Connectivity Solutions brand promise. Everything we do, we do to ensure the safety of those who chose our products to Keep In Touch.

Many personal emergency alarms only work around the home, restricting your independence and freedom. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device is lightweight, at just 51 grams it can be worn just like an everyday watch. Flexibility and discreteness are core to our product offering and so we have designed the 'POD' to be adapted from a watch to a worn device using a snap-on accessory, enabling fast transition the POD can be attached to a belt loop, a handbag or a pendant. 

As a wrist worn device, we have paid particular attention to the look and feel of the included strap to ensure that it is soft whilst remaining durable and easy to clean. Every watch comes with a black strap included, additional accessories can be purchased including a lockable buckle and a soft pink colour strap.

Customisable Features.

K.I.T Connectivity Solutions offer the benefit of being able to be customised to suit individual needs via the Online Client Console (OCC). The result is a bespoke device that is so much more than a watch that tells the time or pendant device that only works indoors. From the device you can make and receive calls, auto answer an incoming VIP call number or reject all calls when set up in the Online Client Console. 

Visit our website for more details here kit.findmetech.com.au

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K.I.T Pink Strap

The soft neutral pink colour is a lighter alternative to the black strap provided with the K.I.T Connectivity solution. Made of the same flexible, low friction material, this strap is available now.

K.I.T Pendant

Versatile adapter that lets you wear the POD as a lanyard or attached with a clip or carabiner. Comes with its own charging cable so that the adapter does not have to be removed for charging.

K.I.T Lockable Strap Black

Elegant and discrete, the locking buckle looks just like a standard buckle