Find-me Watch (12 Months Subscription)

The watch is yours to keep and includes 12 months self-monitoring Online Client Console access. All calls, SMS and data are included on the Telstra network. This subscription will save you $250 over 12 months. There are no hidden charges. Ongoing Monthly Subscription cost will be billed to your credit card after the 12 month subscription has ended @ $39.95 per month (incl GST) unless advised otherwise.
Delivery date: 1 week

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Introducing the Find-me Watch - the Watch is a ‘Roam Based Alarm’ that works anywhere there is mobile phone coverage and offers two-way (hands free) voice communication, a panic alert, fall detector, and assists to locate the wearer using GPS. Unlike home-based alarm systems that keep you tethered to your home, the Find-me Watch allows you to be mobile inside and outisde of your home. 

With no complicated touch-screens or set-ups, the Find-me Watch uses its own sim, allowing it to connect to the mobile network without the need for a separate mobile phone. This ensures the Find-me Watch is the easiest solution to use for the wearer, providing them security everywhere they go, whether it be in their own home or outside in the community.

Ideal for older people, people living with dementia, those with disabilities or those wanting immediate access to help, the Find-me Watch is a 24/7 care solution that provides as little, or as much support as you need.

Find-me Watch offers peace of mind for the carers and independence for:

  •    Retirement & independent living
  •    People living with dementia
  •    People who want extra reassurance while at home, work and out in the community
  •    People living with a disability
  •    Those who need to send a silent duress alert
  •    People living with chronic illness
  •    People who require immediate emergency assistance in a duress situation